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We would like to welcome Pittsburgh East Nissan and West Hills Nissan as our newest sponsors. Watch for the It's Alive Nissan Quest in your area. It's hard to miss with 1000 watts of bass courtesy of Audio Communications in Monroeville.
Pittsburgh East Nissan also sponsored the Walk of the Dead at Monroeville Mall.
Pittsburgh's First Zombie Walk was an event to be remembered. An estimated 500 zombies took to the streets of Pittsburgh's South Side. The  post-walk show at The Rex Theater included performances by The Forbidden 5, DEATHMOBILE, a live taping of The It's Alive Halloween Special and a screening of Night of the Living Dead.



Red Zone Media begins testing the live webcast of It's Alive. Message Board members evaluated the streaming and gave a unanimous "thumbs up". Future tests can be viewed by the general public by accessing our main page.
The Professor airs the "Secret Show" which he filmed without the rest of the cast. This show was a "worst of" episode in which the Prof trotted out otherwise unusable clips and outtakes. This was a brand new show and movie dropped right in the middle of summer reruns and was intended to be a breath of fresh air. I was more like opening a refrigerator that has been unplugged for a very long time.
The cast has begun shooting segments for the next season. The story will pick up where last season's "cliffhanger" left off.
The cast finally did an in-store at Incredibly Strange Video. It was a very good turn out and certainly not the Spinal Tap cricketfest that we expected.
Congratulations to Jerry Conti for winning the I love It's Alive contest. Jerry shambled around in zombie make up under the Kaufmanns clock downtown with a very professional looking sign. Great job, Jerry!
We finally had the winners of The It's Alive Horror Short Contest on the show on May 6th to collect their prize from Pittsburgh Filmmakers. More here... The It's Alive Horror Short Contest
Debut of our newest cast member Heather the Mummy Girl.

The cast attended The Rockin' Live for Lupus Benefit and DEATHMOBILE jammed a few songs for the crowd. Details of the event can be found at
To kick off the new season, the cast appeared in the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Pittsburgh. No one was hurt.
A question about the show answered by the Post Gazette TV Q&A with Rob Owen
Clownhouse Productions has signed an agreement to film a brand new TV show live in Pittsburgh's Strip District. More info on "Fifteen Minutes: The Norman Nardini Half Hour Variety Hour" can be found here.
The cast is filming episodes for the next season (starts March 11th 2006). The Professor and Pointy are also reworking and retooling Clownhouse's studios to accommodate a few new top secret projects.
The holidays were crazy for the cast and crew of It's Alive. The show moves to a new time - 10:00 PM.
The November 19th show's musical guest Noman Nardini was a real treat. One of the show highlights was when Norm's "sister" showed up and creeped everyone out. If you missed this show, you can still see Norman Nardini live - please visit his web site for upcoming
An interesting article in The Onion
See the Professor's list of favorite Halloween flicks in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.
The October 15th "Robot Monster"show was filmed at the West Virginia Penitentiary - one of most haunted places in the United States. We snapped many still pictures and yes, there are "orbs" showing up. If anyone can explain them, please let us know on the message board. See the unaltered photos and video here
It's Alive was shot on location at Kennywood Phantom Fright Nights. This episode could air as soon as Saturday, October 8th.
Matt Menold, who played Fritz on many early episodes, finally made it out of New Orleans safely today. He had moved to the French Quarter just weeks before hurricane Katrina hit and failed to evacuate because he "slept in". He could be seen on CNN playing guitar in a sombrero and was quoted in countless articles. Here are just a few...
The Professor and Stiffy appeared with Steve Luncinski
 on "Humanity Matters" which aired live on PCTV. More photos...
The upcoming season has started production. Some new additions to the cast are a sexy mummy girl and possibly Steve Luncinski who played "Stephan the Castle Prankster" on Chiller Theater.
The highly anticipated first show featuring 'The Brain That Wouldn't Die' aired today. Thank you for the nice reviews. These comments were taken from the pile of e-mails.

"Guys, it's about time someone was able to do this! I have missed "Chiller Theater" since it went away."

"Great idea….I was a HUGE Chiller fan…I’ll be watching tonight with my son…..Kind of  how my dad watched with me when I was a youngster! Thanks"

"What a great idea! Keep up the good work!"

"Awesome! Congratulations!"

"Very cool look to the show. Not what I expected at all. This is going to catch on big time!"


A very nice article ran today with a new publicity photo of the cast. Read it here in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Read the article in the Tribune Review
The Professor and Stiffy did a live interview on WRCT 88.3 FM. The Prof got a little defensive when one of the interviewers began grilling him on his credentials. It went something like this:
"You say you're a Professor. Where did you get your Ph.D.? Are you really a tenured college professor with a doctoral degree?"
Professor Emcee Square:
"Listen, junior, I've been through the School of Hard Knocks. I have worthless Microsoft certifications. I've taken numerous pottery classes! Have you ever taken a pottery class?"
"No, I haven't..."
Professor Emcee Square:
"Then SHUT UP! Get back to me when you know what the hell you're talking about. Next question...  NEXT QUESTION!"
Ozzfest was cool. Photos
A nice article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Click here to see the official press release for the premier.


The It's Alive xB Hearse somehow got parked right in the middle of the classic car show at the Monroeville Summer Fest. The Prof kept the White Zombie remixes cranked through the 1000 watt system for all the antique car buffs. Those people got ROCKED!
This happened a while ago but it's news to us... Professor Emcee Square has been added to E-Gor's Chamber of Horror Hosts web site. (Look under "Pittsburgh TV Hosts")
The It's Alive production company was in Oakland early Sunday morning to shoot what may be the bloodiest, goriest commercial ever made.    more...
We went to the Pittsburgh Regatta where we drove around  handing out flyers and autographed hot dogs. If you see the
It's Alive xB Hearse in your neighborhood, remember...
The date has been set! The It's Alive Show will premier Saturday, July 30, 2005 on WBGN-TV in Pittsburgh.
The cast went to the Jimmy Buffet concert
at PNC Park and partied with the Parrotheads. ...more


We are very close to starting the Summer 2005 season on WBGN-TV in Pittsburgh, PA. Many thanks to all our sponsors.
Davis Scion is donating a Scion xB to the show. The car will be made to resemble a weird little hearse by Chris at Ferri Design and the bangin' sound system of doom will be dropped in by Audio Communications in Monroeville, PA.
Look for the It's Alive Hearse at concerts, Pirate and Steeler games, and other big events.
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