Comcast has stopped carrying WBGN.

Let them know you want this station back!


  On Monday, February 2, 2009 Comcast Cable dropped WBGN-TV from its cable systems. Due to the economic down turn, WBGN is unable to fully pay the exorbitant amount of money that Comcast demands for carriage on their cable system. WBGN is the only Pittsburgh TV station that Comcast charges for carriage. In fact, Comcast pays most TV stations like CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX. Comcast can easily carry WBGN at no charge to Comcast or Comcast customers. Unfortunately, Comcast has decided that YOU (their customers) do not want WBGN and The Its Alive Show on their cable system. You are paying Comcast plenty. They should give you all the Pittsburgh channels!

Comcast will put WBGN back on if enough people threaten to drop their service over this. Here's the direct dial and e-mail for the one person who can restore WBGN to your channel line up:

Linda Hossinger 412-747-6417 Keep calling, all day long, day after day. Leave many messages!



Please sign the online petition.



You can also make a donation to Clownhouse Productions. Clownhouse appreciates your generous contributions which help make possible programming like The It's Alive Show, and events like Zombie Fest and world famous Zombie Walks. Thank you!

PLAN B. If you like our Zombie Walks, you're going to love this!

Channel 11 covered a small demonstration at the Comcast offices. Next step... ZOMBIE RALLY! More to come...