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The Monroeville Mall World Record Attempt Zombie Walk



Sunday, October 29, 2006


All horror enthusiasts and fans of It's Alive are formally invited to participate in a world record attempt for "The Most People Participating in a Zombie Walk". This event will benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank . All zombies are urged to bring donations of non-perishable food items.


The event will take place at The Monroeville Mall, where George Romero filmed the original Dawn of the Dead horror movie in 1977.


The Monroeville Mall is located 13 miles East of Pittsburgh, PA.







Sunday, October 29, 2006

(Remember to set your clocks back for daylight savings)


10:00 AM - All Zombies report to The Monroeville Mall

First floor entrance behind Macys (bus stop)

 Register and meet the cast of It's Alive. Apply make up if you haven't already. Halloween Adventure will be there if you need to purchase zombie make up. Practice shuffling and saying "Braaaiiinnnss....need braaaiiinnnnssss".

The Pittsburgh Community Food Bank will be accepting your donations at this time.

Donations are not mandatory but every one must sign in for the Guinness book.

There is no registration fee - this is a free event.


11:00 AM - Begin Walk.

 Zombies will enter the mall and begin their slow shamble to the opposite end for the photo. A group photo will be taken at this time as evidence for the Guinness Book of World Records. Please stay in place and in zombie make up until all documentation is complete. It is extremely important to stay in character while in the mall. If you are being filmed*, please do not smile, wave or even look at the camera because this will render the shot useless. If you want to be seen on TV, in the newspaper, etc.

 please stay in zombie mode

(See Rules of Conduct & "What is a Zombie Walk" below)


11:55 PM - Zombies Disperse.

The Zombie Walk is over. Feel free to shop on your way back to the other end. The mall will be opened to the public at this time so please be on your best behavior. Other cities will certainly try to break our record and we would like to use Monroeville Mall for future events.


*Only our crew will be permitted to film or take pictures inside the mall. Please do not attempt to bring cameras into the mall. Stills and video will be posted on this website for downloading.





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Zombie Rules of Conduct

1. All minors are to be accompanied by an adult.

2. Use the "haunted house" rule in that you are not to touch anyone. Do not attempt to scare anyone who is not a willing participant. If anyone is freaking out, turn and shamble in the opposite direction. Avoid confrontations!

3. Stay on the sidewalk unless crossing the street. When crossing, it's OK to "break character" and cross quickly. Think fast "New Dawn of the Dead" zombies verses the slower "Old Dawn of the Dead" zombies when crossing the street. Blocking traffic is a crime and anyone doing so could be arrested.

4. No drugs.

5. No alcohol.

6. No littering, destruction of property, or any other illegal activity. This is something we would like to do several times a year and we want to leave a positive impression. Remember, the media will be watching us and this event could get world wide news coverage. Let's put on a good show!

What is a Zombie Walk?

A zombie walk is an organized public gathering of two or more people who dress up in zombie costumes and make up. Usually taking place in an urban centre, the participants make their way around the city streets and through shopping malls in a somewhat orderly fashion and often limping and gnawing their way towards a local cemetery (or movie theater).

During the event participants are encouraged to remain in character as zombies and to communicate only in a manner consistent with zombies (such as grunts, groans and slurred moans calling for “brains”.)


Here's a nice article on zombie make up http://www.phillyburbs.com/zombies/costume.shtml

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