Press Release from Clownhouse ProductionsProfessor Emcee Square

Tuesday, July 18, 2005

Monster Movies Return to Pittsburgh Television

Itís Alive, a new television show produced in the same format as Pittsburgh favorite Chiller Theater, premiers July 30th on WBGN. Both classic and campy horror movies will be presented by host Professor Emcee Square every Saturday night at 11:00 PM. The first season will include such favorites as Teenagers from Outer Space, Little Shop of  Horrors and Night of the Living Dead.

In the breaks, the talented cast of  The It's Alive Show will perform live music, comedy skits, and even cooking segments with their own brand of off the wall humor. Characters on the show include Stiffy the Dead Clown, Fritz (a cloning experiment gone awry), Pointy the Demon and the Graveyard Theater Puppets.  

The independently produced The It's Alive Show fills a void in Pittsburgh television, and in a city that is home to horror icons George Romero and Tom Savini, a show like this is long overdue. 

"So lock your doors and pop some popcorn, it's time to be scared to death...   unless you die laughing! It's Alive!"

The host and cast of the show will be available for interviews. Please contact Kat Woodhall at to schedule.