The It's Alive Horror Short Contest

The winners of The It's Alive Horror Short Contest are Bernard Jesiolowski, Ron Jesiolowski, Joe Palka and Larry Toms. Thier film, Frankenstein vs The Werewolf was made in 1965.

The short is a transfer of crumbling 8mm film. The fact that it was made by these guys when they were kids and just sat on a shelf for 40 years really added to the appeal.

But that's not why they won. Their short combines all the elements we were looking for; monsters, good make up, stunts, special effects (a miniature car going over a cliff), and music. They included footage of their 1963 band, Webs of Darkness, playing a gig at West View Park where the singer does a back flip! (Quite possibly the first back flip in rock and roll history)

Congratulations to these guys and we hope you all enjoy their film. See it here...

Frankenstein vs Werewolf


And here's the 1963 backflip