Professor Emcee Square


This fairly articulate zombie knows very little about the horror movies he hosts. When confronted about his total incompetence, he claims not to be a horror buff but a true monster himself. Quote: "Was Boris Lugosi a fanboy? No. He was a real werewolf."


The Professor also fronts the band DEATHMOBILE. His guitar work in this band has been likened to that of Jimi Hendrix (just the burning and smashing part) and his vocals bring to mind  both Till Lindemann (of Rammstein) and Popeye.

Emcee Square has garnered international recognition for organizing Guinness world record zombie walks in Pittsburgh, the creation of World Zombie Day, as well as his wonderful crabcake recipe.




Stiffy the Dead Clown


Once a happy clown, Stiffy met his fate at a seven year old's birthday party. The children turned into an angry mob when it was realized that he was not invited or hired to perform as a clown.
One of the best sidekicks in the business, Stiffy prides himself in once coming in third in a Second Banana Contest.

Leah the Mummy


The Professor discovered Leah in the basement of the Carnegie Museum and spent long hours restoring the shriveled mummy to the way she looked in the year 1000 B.C. When asked how he achieved this impossible feat, his reply is simply "Lotion. Lots and lots of lotion."




He's an opinionated demon with a bad habit of correcting people, especially the Professor. DEATHMOBILE's lead guitar player and It's Alive's resident "Mr. Know It All" is a critic on everything from movies to personal attire.

Virtuoso. Triviamaster. Pain in the ass.



The product of one of the Professor's early 80s cloning experiments gone awry, Fritz can see into the future with his extra eye and is great at opening cans with his teeth.

Socially challenged with low-level Tourette's Syndrome, Fritz lives in a tree outside the studio.





Being from the silent movie era, Hellga can only communicate through charades. Quirky, jerky, with razor sharp teeth. Quite possibly the missing link between birds and dinosaurs.


Jack & Dick


Vintage clips of these gentlemen occasionally make an appearance at the end of the show (if we run short) and bring back nostalgic memories of 1950s kids shows. Adult language and graphic violence have been removed for today's audience.


Mr. Neighbor


The nice man who "lives next door to the show" introduced himself to everyone on the street when he moved in. That's the law.



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