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1,934 ZOMBIES!

The 2009 Zombie Fest, Walk of the Dead and Zombie Ball was a huge success. Special thanks to everyone who participated, the bands (DJ TNT, Cult of the Psychic Fetus, Supercharged Suicide, The Forbidden 5, and DEATHMOBILE)  Ken Foree, and all the Lifeless volunteers. Highlights included The Brain Eating Contest, Zombie Olympics and an Ugly Pageant. More photos here.


7.11.2009   Pittsburgh zombies reclaim World Record

2008 World Zombie Day zombie walk at Monroeville Mall certified by Guinness

Pittsburgh, PA – July 11, 2009 – You can’t keep Pittsburgh zombies down. After temporarily ceding the world record for largest zombie walk to Nottingham, England, the record has been reclaimed by the city that established the initial record in 2006.

The zombie walk held at the Monroeville Mall outside Pittsburgh, PA on October 26, 2008 has been

certified by Guinness World Records as the World’s Largest Zombie Walk with 1,341 participants. The walk was organized by The It’s Alive Show, a weekly horror host program originating from Pittsburgh, as part of its World Zombie Day, where more than 50 cities worldwide participated in zombie walks and food drives on the same day, cumulatively raising more than two tons of food donations to benefit their local hunger charities.

World Zombie Day was also honored with a Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Best Fan Event of

2008. The Rondos are awarded for excellence in the horror genre by the Classic Horror Film Board

based solely on fan nominations and voting.

Pittsburgh established the inaugural Guinness World Record for largest zombie walk in 2006, when 892 people dressed as zombies invaded the Monroeville Mall, site of the iconic zombie film “Dawn of the Dead”. Since then, the popularity of zombie walks has exploded, many of which feature a charity event. This year’s World Zombie Day will take place on Sunday, October 11 with the hub once again at the Monroeville Mall. Cities around the world are lining up to participate in this charity event to raise

awareness of global hunger. Participants in the zombie walks are asked to bring a non-perishable food item as a donation.



6.18.2009 WBGN begins over the air digital broadcast. Re-scan your TVs and converter boxes to receive the crystal clear signal and watch reruns of It's Alive from our first four years every Saturday at 10:00 PM.


6.13.2009 It's Alive premiers on WPMY My TV Pittsburgh Saturdays at midnight. Viewers stuck with Comcast cable can finally see the show again.



WORLD ZOMBIE DAY will take place on October 11th 2009 see the WZD MySpace for updates.


4.16.2009 WBGN and It's Alive on Verizon FiOS


(Pittsburgh) - - On Thursday, April 16, 2009, Verizon FiOS subscribers will begin receiving WBGN-TV as part of their basic subscription package. WBGN will appear on channel 22. WBGN is a locally owned and operated, independent television station that serves 12 counties in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.
"We are excited to announce this new carriage agreement with Verizon FiOS," said Ron Bruno, President of WBGN. "We have seen the tremendous growth of the Verizon network in our area and are proud to now be a part of the highest quality, fastest growing cable communications network in western Pennsylvania."
Today's announcement follows years of contentious negotiations with Comcast to structure a sustainable carriage agreement for WBGN.
"Our new contract with Verizon FiOS will provide us with the type of coverage that will allow us to expand our programming while giving us the stability needed to succeed in today's business environment."


3.23.2009 The It's Alive Show's World Zombie Day wins the Rondo Hatton award for "Best Fan Event"











10.26.08    1,341 Zombies!  2,252 pounds of food!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Zombie Fest 2008!



Zombie Fest II announced! See the press release here



It's Official! The Guinness Book of World Records verifies the 2007 Zombie Fest Zombie Walk as a world record for the second year in a row. Professor Emcee Square declares Pittsburgh as The Zombie Capital of the World.




MONROEVILLE MALL ZOMBIE WALK wins the Rondo Hatton award for "Best Fan Event" Thank you for your votes! More info here






A new world record! Many other cities attempted to break our record over the last year and failed. This year, 1028 zombies brought over one ton of food for the Pittsburgh Food Bank and set a new world record. Congratulations!



After a wonderful summer of doing nothing, the cast filmed the Season Three Premier live at the Rex Theater following the South Side Zombie walk. This show will air Saturday, September 29.


The Zombie Walk rocked. Thanks to everyone who participated!






The season two finale ended with a bang and then just fizzled out. The professor had it all for one brief moment and proceeded to ruin everything.

See all the outtakes from "Stiffy's Tearful Departure" on our Clips Page..



It's a world record!

02.03.07 Guinness has accepted the Monroeville Mall Walk of the Dead as a new world record.


Photo by Jim Poli     


The Monroeville Mall World Record Attempt Zombie Walk was a huge success.

894 Zombies gathered for a world record attempt and food drive. Organizers are in the process of verifying the numbers with The Guinness Book of World Records but this appears to be twice the number needed.


The Monroeville Mall was the perfect setting, being the location of the original Dawn of the Dead in 1977. The zombies had to stop in front of J C Pennys, where George Romero shot many scenes for the film.


Thanks to all the zombies for your participation, generous donations (57 crates of food items weighing 1525 pounds!) and most of all for keeping this a fun, safe event that we can look forward to for many years to come.



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