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Ken Foree Peter Washington, Dawn of the Dead

Born in Indiana, Ken Foree has been scaring us on the big screen for years!
Ken’s introduction to acting took him on an unusual path. He decided to get some formal training at renowned Michael Shulman's Performing Gallery in New York.
Shortly after that he landed roles in the film The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings opposite Richard Pryor and James Earl Jones and a guest starring role on TV's "Kojak". To make proverbial ends meet, he took a position as an assistant manager for a restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York while he was also trying to perfect his craft by doing off Broadway theatre at La Mama. One day, an actor friend told him about an audition that he might be right for on a new indie horror picture that was generating a lot of under-ground buzz. He called, went in and landed the role of Peter Washington in George A. Romero's 1978 classic, Dawn of the Dead, which proved to be a cult classic and in 2003 it marked its 25th anniversary and remains as popular as ever.
In the 2004 Universal Pictures remake, Ken reprised his role of Peter Washington (The Televangelist) and the film continued its streak of winning success.

While he is most widely known for his work in the last two installments of Dawn, he has quite a few other horror films to his credit which include, The Dentist, Sleepstalker, Joshua Tree, Hangfire, Night of the Warrior, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects and Halloween, just to name a few.



Joseph Pilato Captain Rhodes, Day of the Dead

Most well known for his role as Capt. Rhodes in George A. Romero's film Day of the Dead, Joseph Pilato has appeared in several of Romero's other films: Dawn of the Dead and Knightriders.








Sam Nicotero Dusty, Children of the Ling Dead

Sam Nicotero is an actor, talk show host, disk jockey and writer.  A native Pittsburgher, he has an impressive resume with appearances in more than 25 films and as many theater roles.  His film credits include The Crazies, The Mothman Prophecies, Children of the Living Dead, Innocent Blood and two films being released in 2008 – My Bloody Valentine 3D and 12/24 – as well as the upcoming The Screening, directed by Cameron Romero. 

 Mr. Nicotero has been active in theater work since playing Joe Cabot in the world premiere of Reservoir Dogs in Pittsburgh in 1996.  He played Mr. Mushnik twice in Little Shop of Horrors and had lead roles in Ubu the King and Breaking Legs.  He also appeared in Night of the Living Dead – The Play in 2002!

 Mr. Nicotero is father of Frank Nicotero, host of Street Smarts and uncle of Academy Award winning special effects guru Greg Nicotero.

Leonard Lies started working as a professional on the cult horror classic, George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. His image as the Machete Zombie in Dawn of the Dead has become a global horror icon. Leonard is currently producing, writing and editing a variety of productions from his studio Dream Catchers Films, Inc. located in Pittsburgh's South Hills.  He is presently co-writing a supernatural Thriller entitled, Black Wampum and developing Reign of the Dead and the Fabulous Adventures of Mr. Buckethead for the screen and television. Web http://dreamcatchersfilmsinc.com.


Clayton Hill appeared as a lead zombie in George Romero's; DAWN OF THE DEAD where he was also weapons coordinator. He is known as sweater zombie in the United States and escalator zombie in Germany. He has had speaking roles in many movies such as; All The Right Moves; Lady Beware; Knightriders; Hellraiser III; Kid Brother; Silent Witness; Maria’s Lovers; The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh; Rappin; and Death Penalty. Clayton was featured in such movies as Gung Ho; Mrs. Soffell; Stuck with Each Other, and Children of the Corn II where he also did stunts. Clayton has worked with such directors as George Romero, where he was 2nd assistant director for the movie, Knightriders and Ron Howard, etc. He has cast over 25 movies as Location Casting Director along with his wife, Sharon.


Sharon Ceccatti-Hill is best known for playing the lead zombie nurse in the most remembered horror movie, DAWN OF THE DEAD, a George Romero film. She has become a horror zombie legend all across Europe especially in Germany and is featured as such on posters and many books in Germany. Some of the other films that she has appeared in are, Hellraiser III, Knightriders, Maria’s Lovers, Death Penalty, Silent Witness, Kid Brother (which won awards at the Montreal Film Festival) and many more. Sharon has had a long career over 20 years as a movie and location casting director casting principles, day players and extras. She has cast such films as, Dominick and Eugene; Lady Beware; Gung Ho; Mrs.Soffell; and All The Right Moves. She has worked with directors such as Ron Howard, George Romero, Michael Chapman, Andrei Konchalovsky, and many more.  She later joined the David Copperfield Tour as the world’s greatest magician’s personal assistant appearing on stage with him.  Since then, Sharon has been scouting locations for movies.



One of Frank Serrao's first professional acting parts was a lead zombie in George Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD. He went on to work at WQED-TV on two film projects: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court and Shakespeare's Hamlet, portraying the character Bernardo. Frank has appeared in many of the television and feature films produced in Pittsburgh like: Two Evil Eyes, The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, Diabolique, Striking Distance and Passed Away. He has also worked behind the scenes as a transportation department member on Citizen Cohn, Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear, The Jacksons: An American Dream, No Place like Home, Money for Nothing, and much more. Frank is also a middle school language arts teacher.



Joe Shelby portrayed a motorcycle raider and Martinez, a "chinco looter" in the horror classic DAWN OF THE DEAD. Joe wore many hats during the film production including that of assistant Make-Up artist. Joe has worked on over 50 movies doing such varied jobs as casting, acting, stunts, make-up director, extra, SFX and more.




The above celebrity guests are scheduled to appear from 11 AM to 7 PM on Saturday and noon to 5 PM on Sunday.  Guest lineup is subject to change without notice.  Some guests may charge a nominal fee for autographs.



Zombie Fest Horror Writers Program sponsored by Permuted Press

 Join us as we welcome the following authors who will be participating in panel discussions as well as meeting and greeting fans:

 Travis Adkins is author of Twilight of the Dead and After Twilight: Walking with the Dead, and an editor and graphic designer for Permuted Press, having worked on several projects including The Undead Zombie Anthologies, Day by Day Armageddon, The Morningstar Strain, Down the Road and Every Sigh, The End.

J.L. Bourne was born in a small town in rural Arkansas and attempts to balance his time between being an active duty naval officer and writing the sequel to Day by Day Armageddon.  

You can find him via his website:

www.daybydayarmageddon.com and at www.myspace.com/johnbourne



Bowie Valeriano Ibarra was consumed by the zombieverse after watching George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead".  Since then, he began collecting a small zombie movie library before submitting his contributions to the zombieverse library.  Bowie's books include "Down the Road: A Zombie Horror Story", "Down the Road: On the Last Day", and "Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire", set for release in October.  The final chapter of the series, "Down the Road: The Fall of Austin" is scheduled for release in 2009 by Permuted Press.
Bowie earned an Associate Degree in Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting, and a Masters of Arts in Theatre History.  Bowie is represented by Acclaim Talent in Austin, Texas, where he has participated in several movies, commercials, and films.  Bowie was the first flat track derby color commentator with the Texas Rollergirls as "Julio E. Glasses: Iron Announcer Texas".


Kim Paffenroth is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Iona College, and the author of several books on the Bible and theology. He attended St. John's College, Annapolis, MD (BA, 1988), Harvard Divinity School (MTS, 1990), and the University of Notre Dame (PhD, 1995). Starting in 2006, he turned his analysis towards horror films and literature, before writing his own horror fiction. He has written Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romero's Visions of Hell on Earth (Baylor, 2006) - WINNER, 2006 Bram Stoker Award; Dying to Live: A Novel of Life among the Undead (Permuted Press, 2007); Orpheus and the Pearl (Magus Press, 2008); and Dying to Live: Life Sentence (Permuted Press, 2008).  Visit my blog at www.gotld.blogspot.com.

 Travis Adkins, JL Bourne, Bowie Ibarra and Kim Paffenroth appear courtesy of Permuted Press


Actually born in Amityville, NY, Michael A. Arnzen is the author of Proverbs for Monsters -- this year's winner of the Bram Stoker Award for outstanding horror story collection.  This marks Arnzen's fourth Stoker Award for the often funny, always disturbing writing that he has been publishing since 1989.  His latest works include a wild CD of his fiction readings set to music (Audiovile) and a collection of 100 short-short horror stories, (100 Jolts).  He even has written a book of zombie poems, illustrated by John Skipp (Rigormarole).  A professor of English, Michael currently teaches horror and more in the graduate program for Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University, in Greensburg.  Visit the Raw Dog Screaming Press table at Zombie Fest or visit him online at www.gorelets.com to learn more.

 Michael Arnzen appears courtesy of Weird Tales Magazine and Raw Dog Screaming Press


Gary A. Braunbeck's work in the horror/dark fantasy field has thus far garnered 5 Bram Stoker awards, 3 Shocklines Shocker Awards, an International Horror Guild Award, a Dark Scribe Magazine Black Quill award, and a recent World Fantasy Award nomination.  No wonder he's smiling.  He is the author of the acclaimed novels IN SILENT GRAVES, KEEPERS, PRODIGAL BLUES, MR. HANDS, and the recent COFFIN COUNTY -- all of which are set in his fictional town of Cedar Hill, Ohio.  He's published 10 novels and 10 short story collections, as well as nearly 200 short stories.  He is an adjunct faculty member of Seton Hill University where he teaches in the Writing Popular Fiction program.

 He lives in Columbus, OH, with his wife, author Lucy Snyder, and 5 cats who will not hesitate to draw blood if he fails to feed them on time.  You can find out more about him and his work at his web site, www.garybraunbeck.com.

 Gary Braunbeck appears courtesy of Dorchester Publishing


Tim Gross - A horror film fan who is living a dream which is reviewing horror movies, B-movies, and no budget horror from all kinds of places... Tim is a guy who eagerly awaits the next sequel to Hellraiser, Leprechaun, or Holy Shit... Zombies. He has published three review books the past three years called "Gross Movie Reviews Volume One - Three" and has sold copies of the books in the past year in the UK, Australia, Germany, and Canada. He seeks out no budget horror movies on a regular basis just for the mere reason of you never know when you'll come across the next Romero, Craven, Argento, etc. and also to help out these Indy filmmakers to get out the word about their films as he places his reviews of their films on his website www.bastardsofhorror.com   and in his latest book. Tim has also written movie reviews for www.bloodtypeonline.com and for Ultra Violent magazine!


Scott A. Johnson is the author of novels An American Haunting, Deadlands, and Cane River:  A Ghost Story.  He is also the pen behind The Mayor's Guide:  The Stately Ghosts of Augusta and Cold Spots:  The Ghosts of San Antonio.  When not writing or teaching, Scott functions as the Paranormal Studies Editor for DreadCentral.com, and is an avid paranormal investigator.  For more information about Scott, visit his website at http://www.americanhorrorwriter.net


Glenn Kay has reviewed movies in print and on TV. He is the coauthor of Disaster Movies, and he played a zombie in Land of the Dead. He is also the author of the new book Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide.


Glenn Kay appears courtesy of Chicago Review Press


Gregory Lamberson is the author of two new books, the horror novel JOHNNY GRUESOME (previewed at last year’s Zombie Fest), published by Medallion Press, and the instructional filmmaking guide, CHEAP SCARES! LOW BUDGET HORROR FILMMAKERS SHARE THEIR SECRETS.  Until recently best known for his 1988 cult horror film SLIME CITY, Lamberson focused his energy on writing prose fiction in 2005.  His first novel, PERSONAL DEMONS, won the Anubis Award for Horror, judged by acclaimed author T.M. Wright, and will be published as a mass market paperback by Medallion Press next year.  In 2007, Lamberson was hired to create, launch and edit FearZone.com, which has already become one of the top ten most trafficked horror entertainment websites in the world.  He is an Active member of the Horror Writers Association and International Thriller Writers.  Visit him at www.slimeguy.com and stay gruesome!

Greg Lamberson appears courtesy of Medallion Press


Ryan Mecum lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated from the University of Cincinnati's English Literature Program.  He spends most of his time watching terrible movies and reading comics, and he has seen Evil Dead 2 more times than he would care to mention.  Zombie Haiku is his first published work. 

 Ryan Mecum appears courtesy of F-W Media, Inc.


Stephen A. North is an ex-Military Police Reservist and has a BA in English Literature from USF.  He is the author of the self-published apocolyptic/sci-fi novel Beneath the Mask and the newly released zombie novel "Dead Tide", published by "Library of the Living Dead" Press.



Tim Waggoner is the author of numerous novels, two short story collections, and over one hundred published stories in the Fantasy, Horror, and Thriller genres. He teaches creative writing at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio.  Waggoner also teaches at Seton Hill University, Pennsylvania, in an innovative low-residency Master's degree program in Writing Popular Fiction. Visit him on the web at www.timwaggoner.com.


D. Harlan Wilson is a novelist, short story writer, cultural theorist, hack bodybuilder and college professor.  His books include The Kafka Effekt (2001), Stranger on the Loose (2003), Pseudo City (2005), Dr. Identity or Farewell to Plaquedemia (2007), and Blankety Blank: A Memoir of Vulgaria (2008).



Zombie Fest Artists

 Art/Illustrator Lorraine Brinit Bush was born in Johnstown, Pa. and graduated from The Art Institute and LaRoche College of Pittsburgh.  She has illustrated paperback book covers and other products. Presently, Ms. Bush is a Monster Bash magazine cover artist and was awarded the 2005 Rondo award for King Kong cover art - Issue #4. Gallerie Chiz in Shadyside (Pittsburgh) had a show of her classic monster paintings and will be showing a tribute painting for 40th anniversary of the Night of the Living Dead during this upcoming Halloween week. More of Lorraine's artwork can be seen at her website http://www.lorrainebush.com

Malcolm Gittins has been creating art for more than 40 years.  His work has been seen at several solo and group shows, including Pittsburgh Comicon, Zombie Fest 2007 and on Chiller Theater.  Based on the classic chillers and monster pop art of the 1960’s, Malcolm creates unique visions of the world’s famous monsters.  View Malcolm’s work at www.myspace.com\monstershoppe.


After publishing over 200 book cover and illustrations, award winning artist Billy Tackett created his signature piece, Zombie Sam, giving birth to his Dead White & Blue series. Those paintings then became the inspiration for the Dead White & Blue Comics graphic novel, scheduled for release early 2009 from Abyss Walker Comics.



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